Welcome to Thame Music Academy

A creative, innovative and professional music school specialising in the tuition of a variety of musical instruments. Open to both children and adults of all ages whether to work towards grades or just for fun! The academy launched in September 2015. Watch this space for lots more exciting information.

We can offer blocks of lessons in all of the instruments we tutor! Check out our ‘Music Tuition‘ page for more info!

The academy is situated within a 2 minute walk from Thame Town Centre. We have 3 large professional teaching rooms, a waiting area and the usual amenities. Parking can be found free of charge in the car park directly opposite.


Hi everyone, we are delighted to tell you that our fantastic teaching premises has now re-opened for face to face lessons, we can’t wait to welcome you all back and meet some new faces!

At the current time it is important that we have certain temporary measures and procedures in place in order to have a safe, clean and friendly teaching environment. Below is the list of measures and procedures we will have in place for the time being…


COVID-19 – Our Safety Measures and Procedures

In compliance with the Government’s advice, the temporary health and safety precautions have been made to keep all students and tutors safe.

Please take a moment to read through them before you attend your first face to face lesson with us.

Safety Precautions:

– Our main entrance door will be open (unlocked), however please wait to be collected from outside the academy by your tutor at your allotted lesson time. Teaching staff will handle all studio doors to give students access to the necessary rooms

– Please use the hand sanitizer provided on the table as you enter the building

– All windows will be open to increase ventilation in all teaching rooms

– Please do not use the waiting area unless absolutely necessary i.e if a parent is running late to pick up a young child the student will be able to wait in the area so they are safe

– Hand sanitiser will also be available in the teaching rooms and toilet area along with packs of anti-bac wipes in every room, toilet & kitchen area (kitchen for the use of tutors only)

– The toilet will be open for use, however please only use this if absolutely necessary. The toilet & sink will be cleaned regularly with anti-bacterial wipes and there will be anti-bacterial soap available for use

– All instruments which belong to the academy and will be used within lessons i.e the piano/keyboards/drum kits etc will be cleaned with anti-bac wipes between every lesson

– All door handles/chairs etc will also be sanitised between each lesson

– Face masks ARE NOT mandatory within an educational setting such as ours however if you feel you would like to use one this will be absolutely fine. If you would like your tutor to wear a face mask within your lesson please let them know prior to your arrival, again this will be no problem

– Disposable gloves ARE NOT mandatory within an educational setting such as ours and can in fact spread things more than if they are not worn. However, there will be a few boxes of gloves available if any tutors/students wish to have some

– The academy will be deep cleaned every Sunday morning (no tutors or students will be attending the academy on Sundays), the academy will also be cleaned throughout the week by Simon Markland – TMA Director

– All tutors will be attempting to stagger their lessons as much as possible, leaving a small break between each in order to clean/tidy anything within their teaching room which might be necessary at the time. This will also assist in having minimal footfall within our common areas

We look forward to welcoming you back!

– Simon & The TMA Team

If you would like to take a look around our fantastic academy and discuss lessons
please ‘Contact Us‘ to book a convenient time

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